Georgina Rice

Refining comfort and timeless beauty

Southern roots, California cool, and global travel inform the vision of interior designer Georgina Rice.  who seamlessly blends the landscapes of American tradition, innovation, and exotic culture. An artist and design industry textile specialist with a custom sewing atelier, she is equally at ease designing furniture and decorative “objects of beauty.”

Georgina’s work has graced the homes of San Francisco-based celebrity clients and leaders in the region’s cutting-edge technology industry who value her willingness to think outside the box while preserving functionality. “I grew up in a creative environment with masters of the craft, and I was always surrounded by beautiful objects and colors that elicited feelings of welcome and warmth.  So, I thrive on finding imaginative ways to engender that familiar comfort of being ‘at home.’”

Georgina Rice received the honor of being profiled in the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Stylemaker Spotlight.” Her projects have been featured in both California Home + Design and Luxe Interiors & Design magazines.


daybed sketch.png